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Futuristic Collaborative Study material
Course content, video lectures, assignments, and tutorials have been created in collaboration with the top Product Managers across the world.


Why this matters?

1. Reduces bias that comes with a single instructor

2. Multiple collaborators ensure constant validation of the course content

3. The course content gets a healthy cross-pollination of ideas from best global practices

Revolutionary new learning
Live tutorials by top Product Managers
The importance of applied learning can't be over-emphasized. We have created a global network of world's best Product Managers and they will be conducting live tutorial sessions, in which you will apply the learned concepts along with course mates.
What is a live tutorial?
A live tutorial is a session conducted by an instructor, typically problems and questions related to concepts taught in the classroom.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Bhola Meena
Founder, OnlineTyari

Backed by Dell Foundation 

 We conducted Talvinder's Product Management course at our office to learn product management and to set product processes. I must say that it was an eye-opening session and we learnt a month worth of knowledge in that one day training itself. We have applied the learnings and are seeing success.
 Highly recommend him and his course. He is an amazing coach with a flair of explaining complex concepts in easy to understand analogies.
Surbhi Dangi on Talvinder Singh
Mayank Sancheti
Growth Product Manager, Zoomcar, ex-OYO
Talvinder is a seasoned product specialist with whom I got a chance to work directly with and learned a lot from. He has in-depth knowledge of the various principles of product management, knows all the tools of the trade and keeps himself abreast with every new technological development in the world. 

He has the unique ability to succinctly explain value propositions, prioritize features and build valuable and feasible roadmaps. Along with being a great product visionary, he is an inspiring leader, a good person at heart.
Nishkaam mehta on Talvinder SIngh






When does the course start?
2nd August & 6th September 2018.
What is the refund & cancellation policy?

100% money refunded within 10 days of purchase. No questions asked. But it will be great if you leave feedback on why you chose to cancel.
What industry is saying

about Talvinder

What's in the course?

The most comprehensive, in-depth, and extremely engaging course on Product Management in the world. Period.

20 Modules & 326 Topics. Yes, 326 topics

20 hours of video content

20 hours of study material

20 Tutorials, conducted live by industry experts

 Hands-on training on all the products that matter for a product manager


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To get noticed, one needs to




the competitors

That's a task that is obviously unsustainable. 

Spending, shouting or designing can't be done forever.

So, what to do?

Out-Product the competition!

This is the only sustainable competitive strategy.

Michael Porter would agree!




Differentiate via a great Product and associated Product Strategy.

Need Product Managers to 


Not any Product Manager, but well-rounded, skilled in business, design, and technology product management with ample hands-on experience.

Anyone can scan a bunch of articles, read a pile of books, watch few videos and claim to be a product manager. Applied experience and knowledge matters. Especially now, when technologies and channels have blown up, blowing up the number of skills that a Product Manager needs.

In the world with 7 billion apps and sites, product management skillset needs to be grounded in reality. 

To out-product, Pragmatic Product LeadersTM are needed.

 And it is incredibly difficult to be a

Pragmatic Product Leader

Too many skills and hands-on experience needed

 We read and analyzed 30+ online courses. 

We found that they are shallow in content and experience because:


Biased content

Almost all courses have been created and taught by one or two Product Managers, which heavily biases the content. One of the fundamental tenets of product management is to nullify bias and take objective decisions. It is ironical that this fundamental tenet is being ignored by the courses themselves.

No Personal touch

Pure online nature of the course restricts the personal touch that is needed in complex, multi-disciplinary subjects like Product Management. Online courses are great to reach out to a large student base but they perform very poorly in addressing the students at a granular level.


Applied Learning

Learning happens when the learning is applied. Just from watching videos and reading the material, one cannot gain competence as shown by Hermann Ebbinghaus in his seminal paper. He presented the "forgetting curve" to show how memory and learning works.  

 To summarize the numbers, learners retain approximately:

  • 90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately
  • 75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned
  • 50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion
  • 30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration
  • 20% of what they learn from audio-visual
  • 10% of what they learn when they've learned from reading
  • 5% of what they learn when they've learned from the lecture


From a typical online course, at most 20% retention can be expected, which in all regards is ostensibly poor.


Poor Motivation Levels

Learning in-silo requires a high level of motivation for consistent periods of time. This is almost impossible to get in pure video-based online courses. This results in abysmal completion rates. Completion rates of 4% to 20% are widely known.


Only Locally Relevant

Course content is locally sourced because the courses are taught by solo instructors. Courses originating from valley have valley specific approach, examples and so on. When Product Management fundamentals are global, why should the content be so local? For a student from London, such examples don't resonate well and hamper the learning flow.


Difficult? C'mon, there are so many online courses

What about offline courses?

Offline courses i.e. instructor-led classroom courses have some intrinsic benefits in terms of knowledge retention and instant feedback. Some offline product management courses are good but they all suffer from the following:

  • Very high fees, in the range of $6,000 to $10,000
  • Can't do it at your own pace, hence difficult to balance with job or studies

Regular classroom teaching suffers from force-fitting the learning and grasping pace on everyone. Obviously, some students will be far ahead and some students will be left far behind. The teacher has to teach for the perceived average student causing unhappiness for most of the students. 


Pragmatic Product Leader Course

It is a proven fact that students learn the best when they apply the concepts and learn at their own pace. Hence, we carefully designed the pedagogy to emphasize the application of concepts in real-world scenario along with learning at own pace. This turns the students into Pragmatic Product Leaders by the end of the course.

How will the learning work?

Futuristic pedagogical method to learn Product Management

Mentors to help you transition into your job
We know that transitioning into a real job is pretty difficult and we don't want to leave you high-and-dry.

When you graduate, you are paired with a mentor who will check-in every week for 8 weeks to help you transition into the job. 

You can discuss your pain areas on the job with the mentor and expect yourself to be pointed in the right direction.
Nishkaam Mehta
 Head of Mobile Growth & Strategy, HULU, Angel investor
 Talvinder is an excellent product leader with an all-round expertise. Pick any topic and he will amaze you with his insights. He is hands-on with design, engineering as well as business strategy which I find incredible. Highly recommend working with him.
Nishkaam mehta on Talvinder SIngh
Rajesh Sawhney
Founder, GSF

 One of India's most successful angel investor

 I think very highly of Talvinder. He is a leader who is not afraid of taking risks and breaking status quo. He is also very good with product development.
Rajesh Sawhney GSF on Talvinder Singh
Surbhi Dangi
Product Manager - Global Strategy, Alibaba group

 Talvinder has a keen eye for product and usability - bringing structure, creativity and user centricity to products he works on. We always have great product and design pow-wows and he brings a unique perspective - having worked in the valley when his startup was part of 500Startups as well as in some leading startups in India. 

Talvinder is a hands-on product & design guy - working seamlessly with engineering, design, business, and all other stakeholders. Highly recommend working with him!
Surbhi Dangi on Talvinder Singh



How long is the course?
A typical cohort runs for 3 months comprising of 20 hours of video content, 20 hours of study material and 20 live tutorials by top product managers
Awesomeness 3
Awesomeness 2
Awesomeness 5

Mentors from top technology firms

Live tutorials by Product Managers from top technology firms

Product Management insights by Industry experts

"Product Management has to go back to basics. Too much fluff is floating around, theoretical has to give way to pragmatic. 

Product thinking is yet to enter the mainstream and needs to stop being an afterthought or only for hyper-funded startups."


Primary Course Author & Founder, Pragmatic Leaders

10+ years experience

ex-Product Head @ OYO Flagship | ex-CPO @ Freecultr

ex-Founder & CEO @ Tushky  |  500startups, GSF, IITB

Linkedin | Twitter | Medium | Facebook

experts from

1. Product Management 101

Get a good overview of the product management landscape

Understand software development lifecycle, agile, scrum and their nuances in depth.

2. Product Development 101

Learn how to generate ideas and how to quantify innovation

3. Innovation

Deep dive into user research, learn how to apply which method, when

4. User development 101

Learn how to create winning business strategies, which tools to use and how

5. Market Analysis

Learn how to model solutions. Practice the forgotten art of UML and drawing diagrams

6. Modeling

Learn all about metrics, frameworks for metrics and identifying which metrics matter

7. Product Analytics

Learn everything that matters to a Product Manager. Special emphasis on learning the tools of the trade

8. Data Science

How to design good MVPs and run them effectively. How to measure their success and scale

9. Running experiments

How to conceptualize a solution and wireframe it. Which tools to use, design principles to follow.

10. Wireframing & mockups

How to execute projects and manage time and expectations. Learn the tools and concepts

11. Project Management 101

How to launch products, the pitfalls, and tricks to avoid mistakes

12. Product release

How to work with various stakeholders like developers, designers, and business folks

13. People management

Get technology literate with a deep dive into crucial concepts and how things work

14. Software engineering 101

How to prepare yourself for job, interview preparation and presentation skills

15. Job preparation

How to look for a job. How to approach employers

18. Job search

How to maximise your performance, what you should be doing in first 100 days

19. Transition to job

How to present ideas, how to win arguments, body language

17. Soft Skills 101

Glimpse of the modules

Build an industry project under the guidance of industry experts

16. Industry Project

Frequent tutorials after every concept and assignments after every module

20. Tutorials & assignments

Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations

Carrier of value, that users are willing to pay for

Someone who inspires and motivates people via influence, to follow a vision




Step 1 - Enroll
Pre-order and then enroll in the course, online. 
Step 2 - Pre-assessment test
Give a pre-assessment test on product management. This will create a baseline.
Step 3 - Start learning
Get access to course material and start learning at own pace. Course material is created in collaboration with the top Product Managers across the globe and is available in easy to consume bite-sized engaging videos, articles, tutorials, and assignments.
Step 4 - Live Tutorials by top PMs
Attend live tutorials, conducted by top Product Managers. Apply the learnings to actual problems, guided by industry experts in live sessions. This is when you internalize your learnings.
Step 5 - Build real projects with real developers
Work together in groups with developers to build real projects. Developers & designers are our in-house team
Step 6 - Assessment & Project presentation
To graduate, give a test and present the project
Step 8 - Transition into job with a mentor
Upon graduation, a mentor is assigned to help you transition into your job. Mentor will do weekly office hours for the first 8 weeks to help you settle in

Unconscious incompetence*

Conscious incompetence*

Conscious competence*

Unconscious competence*

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Step 7 - Yay! Certified!
Upon graduation, a certificate is awarded that you can put on your resume

*Stages represent the stages of competence - wiki 

No more studying in-silos and stay stuck in your doubts. Get in live sessions and brainstorm together.
Strengthen concepts and gain confidence.
Awesomeness 1
Build real products with developers & designers

Yes, you read that right!

You will be paired up with an in-house development team and you will be building a real product, launching it for public and collect feedback as part of your project work.

No other product management course does this and I find it ridiculous because every employer is looking for a product manager who has shipped and not for a PRD writer.

Apart from gaining hard skills of product management and team management, you will be able to talk about a real product in your job interviews. This product based project work will mean much more than any certificate.

The litmus test of any product manager is when products are actually developed along with a development and designing team. That's when skills are really tested and multi-disciplinary competence shines through. 

Sadly, no course out there provides anything even remotely close to this fundamental skill. Project work of most courses end at "create a mockup" or "do user research" or "present roadmap" or some mutation of this. This is nothing short of ridiculous. A product manager is a team player and hence the project work should be reflective of that and not that of a lone wolf. 

 And lastly, the worst aspect is 

Poor Project Work

Reach us at [email protected] in case of any further questions

 Shuchita Baranwal
 Head of design consumer products, OYO rooms, ex-Housing, ex-MakeMyTrip, ex-Adobe

 Talvinder is an inspiring leader and a competent product specialist that I have had a chance to work with. An extremely well rounded business leader / entrepreneur, equally well suited for a large and complex internet business and for setting up and scaling a business from scratch. He combines deep product insights with a keen sense of business and passion to solve end user goals.

He has been a great tutor and colleague. Apart from being a good leader he has the ability to work well with team while making them fuel with great energy. He empowers every team member to achieve his/her potential and drive teams towards larger goals. I had an amazing time working with Talvinder and continue to look up for advice and inputs.
Surbhi Dangi on Talvinder Singh

The course is choke-full of hands-on training on all products that are relevant to a product manager. We collaborated with the best tools in user research, data analytics, prototyping, product road mapping and everything else in between to give you the most relevant training straight from the product managers and founders of these products.

Awesomeness 4
Hands-on training in products that matter

Hint: No, MBA is not an answer

Become a

Product Manager


Super Powers

Kumar Rangarajan
Founder, Slang Labs, ex-Facebook, ex-LittleEyeLabs (acquired by Facebook), ex-IBM, ex-HP


Known Talvinder since 2012 when we were part of the inaugural batch of GSF accelerator. He is a highly enthusiastic, motivated and affable entrepreneur. Full of ideas and the will and determination to execute it. 

As an entrepreneur who had to don multiple hats, I appreciate the effort he is making to demystify Product Management and make it easily accessible to those wanting to skill up and learn a new and valuable skill.

Surbhi Dangi on Talvinder Singh

"Highly recommend him and his course"

- Bhola Meena, [email protected] (backed by dell foundation)

Validated by top Product Managers world over


Pragmatic Product Leader is a proprietary course by Pragmatic Leaders in Product Management. Talvinder Singh, the founder of Pragmatic Leaders, is the primary author of the course. You can read about him at

Reach him at [email protected]

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Packed with not 1, not 2 but 5 exclusive awesomeness. Grab the course now! 

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In a nutshell, 

Deep and engaging content

Lots of case studies, fun quizzes, and tutorials,

Enlightening discussions,

Intriguing assignments,

Deep industry engagements.


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What are you waiting for?



The course covers everything that a Product Manager of tomorrow will need and has been designed to equip him/her with the confidence and the insight needed to create Product Leaders.

We are opening up only limited Seats for our next cohorts because we want to ensure individual attention as you deserve deep engagement, quality over quantity, and right nurturing to help you become Pragmatic Product Leader.

Here's all you get if you ACT NOW...

✅  1 year unlimited access to all modules of Pragmatic Product leader course

✅  20 Modules & 326 Topics. Yes, 326 topics!

The entire content is validated by top product managers from US(SF, Texas, NY), London, Singapore, Jakarta, India, and so on

✅  20 hours of high-quality video content

Jointly conducted by product managers from the top technology companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, OYO Rooms, Flipkart and so on

✅  20 hours of supporting study material

We've handpicked best material with focus on global best practices and standards

✅  FREE bonus 1 (worth $1000)

20 live Tutorials by industry experts conducted in smaller groups for effective engagement

✅  FREE Bonus 2 (worth $600)

You get paired with a real developer to build a real product. You will be making an actual product that goes live. You get to talk about a product that you have built in your interviews. Practical, hands-on work is a must in a product world.

✅  FREE bonus 3 (worth $200)

Weekly office hours for a month with a mentor to help you effectively transition into a job. If you get stuck in any area of product management, our coaches are here to help you out. They have personally answered thousands of questions, dealt with real problems, they understand the pain point of product managers, and have helped many PMs in your shoes.

✅  Add-Ons
Early access to the course gives you private access to one of the fastest growing communities of product Managers from across the world, one on one product mentoring from Talvinder Singh, and access to popular products that are useful for Product Managers via our exclusive tie-ups with products like Zoho, Clevertap, Intercom, Evernote, Aha!, Flowxo, and numerous others.


ACT NOW. We are offering free bonus 1+ free bonus 2+ free bonus 3 + Add-ons, which are worth $1800 for free.


for the first few seats only!!

You get all of the above plus the bonuses, for a limited time at an
affordable investment of


The investment for the course is


But for the first few seats of the cohort, you get everything given below at an incredible bottom investment of



for the first few seats only!!



Next Cohorts begin from 


Software is eating the world
In less than 6 years, Marc's prophecy has proven true. Software is all around us. Users are way more comfortable with apps, websites, and interactions. 

No wonder then, it is increasingly more difficult to differentiate and get noticed. 

has eaten

- Marc Andreeson, 2011

5.5 Billion Apps

1.9 Billion Websites

- As of Nov '17

Next Cohorts begin from 


Next Cohorts begin from 


Next Cohorts begin from


Next Cohorts begin from 



Years of Average Work Experience


Students from Top Colleges including Stanford, Waterloo & Indian Institute of Technology

What does our Cohort 1 look like?


Cultural Diversity

Diverse cultural backgrounds from 10 global cities

Watch our Course Teaser

Are there any scholarships?
At the moment there are no scholarships but we do have payment plans to make it easy for you to pay. Having said that, we don't want any deserving candidate to lose out purely because of the fee. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you, provided that you are meritorious.



Will I get a job as a product manager?

Just like IIT or Harvard, the institute can only provide you the best learning and placement opportunities, getting placed depends on the student in the end.
Similarly, at Pragmatic Leaders, I promise you to provide the best learning opportunities and opening doors for you at companies that fit with your skill set but in the end, getting placed will depend on you. However, we will facilitate and ensure you come across right opportunities.



*Stages represent the stages of competence - wiki 

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